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"Newspaper" captures the essence of classic and contemporary journalism within the Ghost theme landscape. A masterful blend of old-school newspaper charm and sleek modern design, this theme stands as an ideal choice for news sites seeking a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation.

       The aesthetic pays homage to the timeless appeal of traditional newspapers, invoking a sense of nostalgia and authenticity that resonates with readers appreciative of journalistic history. In tandem, the theme incorporates cutting-edge design principles, ensuring a visually compelling and user-friendly experience that aligns seamlessly with the preferences of today's digital audience.



General Features:

Other Features:

  • Translation ready (English included)
  • Custom setting for background color
  • Custom setting for text color
  • Content that scales with device width
  • Scale factor for devices larger than 1920px
  • Custom setting for primary, secondary, tertiary and quartary fonts (Google Fonts)
  • Custom setting for pages (All Custom Pages, Only Account Pages or None)
  • Custom setting for Social Urls (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • Different Announcement bar types (Moving Several News, Moving One News, Static or Normal)
  • Different Heading Styles (Uppercase, Lowercase, Caapitalize or none)
  • Custom Setting for Image style (Normal, Grayscale or Tinted)
  • Custom setting for Initials
  • Newsletter in latest posts section and post sidebar
  • Custom setting for Featured tags sections on home page
  • 2 Tag page layouts (Column or Simple)
  • 4 Author page layouts (Column, Author Image Left, Author Image Right or Simple)
  • 4 Account page layouts (All Data Layout, All Data Layout No Button, Simple Layout or Simple Layout No Button)
  • Lazy loading images animation
  • Logo Scale
  • Publication title, description, icon and logo
  • Custom navigation menu with animations that supports level 2 links
  • Default Ghost search
  • Posts and tags are lazy loaded
  • Latest posts section on home page
  • Custom featured posts on home page
  • Grid with posts, authors and tags
  • Posts with truncated excerpt
  • Animated Footer that supports level 2 links
  • Newsletter input in the Footer
  • Social links in Footer and Navbar (Facebook, Twitter/X, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • 4 post layouts (Wide, Narrow, Featured Image Left or Featured Image Right)
  • Custom setting for Sidebar on post page
  • Custom setting for Sidebar content (Featured Articles or Table of Contents)
  • Custom setting for Sidebar position (Left or Right)
  • Multiple authors with reading time and date
  • Responsive images (full-width, regular, narrow, image with link, image from Unsplash) with captions
  • Image gallery
  • Image zoom in post view
  • Styled texts: Headings (h1 - h6), bold text, italized text, links
  • Styled unordered and ordered lists, 2 quote types, responsive tables, custom divider
  • Custom bookmark, button (CTA), callout, product card, file card, upload card, video card (Youtube, Vimeo, Custom), signup card
  • Responsive video (full-width, regular or narrow)
  • Responsive header cards
  • Supports Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud and Codepen embeds
  • Custom Toggle card
  • Share links on post page (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, URL)
  • Comments section with custom styles
  • Custom next or previous post section at the end of post page
  • Author page with author image, name, bio, location, socials (Facebook, Twitter, personal website) and posts
  • Membership page with custom heading, tab section for membership tiers (yearly nad monthly)
  • Custom currencies
  • Contact page with heading and description, Formspree form
  • Custom FAQ page with toggle cards
  • Custom signin, signup and subsribe pages
  • Custom account page with account details
  • Custom archive page with filtered posts by tag name
  • Custom 404 page with home page link

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